About The Author

Nick Spill started as a Fire Claims Investigator before he graduated from the University of Auckland. He became an Exhibitions Curator at the National Art Gallery in New Zealand and arrived in the US on an Arts Council grant in 1980.

Spill formed a Private Investigation Agency in Miami and later become Chief Investigator for a State Agency. He authored The Way of the Bodyguard about his years as a bodyguard and investigator, and co-wrote his father’s Burma war memoir Reluctant Q. He contributed to the N.Z. best-selling compilation, Grumpy Old Men 2.

He completed the Jaded Trilogy: The Jaded Kiwi, The Jaded Spy, and The Jaded Widow, dark crime novels with an off-beat humor, set in New Zealand in the mid-1970’s.

On returning from a lecture, he delivered at the Auckland Art Gallery, about Conceptual Art in New Zealand in the 1970’s, he wrote the illustrated essay Reflections on the TranzAlpine: Kiwis, Art, Death, Coffee, Sex.

Spill is about to launch a new collection of writings: Black Hole Swallows Galaxy, the Covid Chronicles.

He is presently working on a fantasy action series about a thousand-year-old man from Khazaria, who lives in Miami Beach as a private investigator.