Part One of the Jaded Trilogy


The Jaded Kiwi paperback
The Jaded Kiwi now available everywhere Рpaperback and e-book.

Two couples, a kung fu gynecologist and a theoretical physicist meet a classical violinist and an actress in a pub in Ponsonby, one Friday night. They stumble upon a charming Maori activist and help him escape a Police dragnet only to become engulfed in a series of events beyond their control. There is a false flag kidnapping, the sickest torture scene with a lawnmower ever written and a disturbing rape scene. A cockney criminal mastermind and a creative Police inspector stalk each other and in the pursuit of truckloads of marijuana start what becomes the war against drugs in New Zealand.

Set in 1976 Auckland, New Zealand over 10 days, this is a love story and a twisted crime mystery with intense action sequences. Not for the squeamish, there are some particular violent scenes that are integral to the story but very disturbing.

The Jaded Kiwi is part one of the Jaded Trilogy.