Nick Spill

My parents were Cockneys. I was born in Essex and we lived in London.

We emigrated to New Zealand where I learned to play rugby, chase girls and play the viola and guitar. During the 1970s I worked for the National Art Gallery and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I obtained a one way to ticket to New York and was told not to return. I never looked back.

Until I wrote Growing Up Horny in New Zealand, the ribald escapades of a young lad who comes of age in the freewheeling and promiscuous 1970′s.

My first adventure in the Americas was rescuing the wife of a highly decorated Navy SEAL in Mexico. We managed to escape a cult and get out of Mexico alive. I wrote Dolphin Kicks and Cactus Pricks to document my experience from the paranormal to the psychotic.

In New York I met a lawyer who was a cross between Marcel Proust and Freddie Mercury. After losing my new best friend to a then unknown disease, I penned the short story The Palace in TriBeCa.

Moving to Miami Beach, I worked as a private investigator and bodyguard to the rich, the famous and the anonymous, and out of these experiences I wrote The Way of the Bodyguard.

The Way of the Bodyguard is available on Amazon for $4.99.