Nick Spill

My parents were Cockneys. I was born in Essex and we lived in London.

We emigrated to New Zealand where I learned to play rugby, chase girls and play the viola and guitar. During the 1970s I worked for the National Art Gallery and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I obtained a one way to ticket to New York and was told not to return. I never looked back.

My first adventure in the Americas was rescuing the wife of a highly decorated Navy SEAL in Mexico. We managed to escape a cult and get out of Mexico alive. I wrote Dolphin Kicks and Cactus Pricks to document my experience from the paranormal to the psychotic.

In New York I met a lawyer who was a cross between Marcel Proust and Freddie Mercury. After losing my new best friend to a then unknown disease, I penned the short story The Palace in TriBeCa.

Moving to Miami Beach, I worked as a private investigator and bodyguard to the rich, the famous and the anonymous, and out of these experiences I wrote The Way of the Bodyguard.

The Way of the Bodyguard is available on Amazon for $4.99. The paperback version is now available on Amazon for $9.95.

I promised my father I would publish his World War II memoir, “Reluctant Q”. It took two years of rewriting and editing before it was ready to be published. Its his story of survival in the Burma Jungle and the incredible feats his battery accomplished in a brutal unforgiving environment.